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First Song

2009-11-22 21:19:29 by proskater2

Submitted my first song. Listen to it!


2009-09-03 19:30:24 by proskater2

Been a long time since I last came here so here's a cool video i saw!

<a> FbsnsbU

Blams and Saves

2009-06-07 17:21:35 by proskater2

Well, I got my first blam. For some reason, all (most) of the Under Judgement things suck a lot. I don't know when I'll get my first Saves!


2009-06-03 18:10:46 by proskater2

Yay, my first medals. I gotta goal for getting as much as possible.


2009-05-23 01:01:39 by proskater2

I came just now.